Dave Dreas & Jeremy Scott presents: 10 Weeks 2 Ripped

Do YOU Want To Get Ripped In The Next 10 Weeks?

STOP wasting your time, energy, and effort in the gym and
START making gains, building lean muscle, and get ripped in 10 weeks with us.

With so much information out there about “building muscle” & “getting ripped” things can get confusing to say the least. Should you be using high reps or low reps? Doing supersets or drop sets? Eating high carbs or low carbs? Doing tons of cardio, or doing no cardio? What should you take pre-workout? What should you eat post workout? The flood of misinformation and bullshit is really endless.

For that simple reason alone we created this 100% done for you training and nutrition program to help you build muscle and get ripped in just 10 weeks.

We have worked with hundreds of guys over the past 5 years and without a doubt the 2 BIGGEST problems we see with guys looking to build muscle and get ripped are…

  • PROBLEM #1
    Their strength & conditioning program is all wrong, we see guys putting all their effort and energy into exercises that bring them little to no results. The by-product is hours and hours spent in the gym with no added muscle or strength to show for all that hard work and time spent.
  • PROBLEM #2
    Their nutrition program & overall diet is way off the mark. Honestly most guys we meet eat like crap, and the few guys who are at least trying to eat right find it too difficult to stick with any program they are on long enough to see results. We say it all the time, training right without eating right is like ice skating uphill for results…it’s just not going to happen.
    taking advice from 2 trusted fitness professionals who have been exactly where you are today, out of shape looking to make an overall lifestyle change and get ripped at the same time. This easy to follow 100% done for you 10 week program is the built on science and backed by results not just our own, but hundreds of other guys around the world who have been through this exact same 10 week program.

Dave Dreas & Jeremy Scott have been featured everywhere…

"Take it from us two guys who were once exactly where many of you are today, skinny fat, out of shape, poor eating habits, no muscle, training for hours and hours each week month after month with nothing to show for it...”

Dave Dreas

Jeremy Scott

We will be completely honest with you – we have NO magic tricks, secrets, powders, or potions here; just the REAL truth about building muscle and burning fat based on 10+ years of real life training, education, experimentation, and research.

no-shortcutsHere's the reality - it's taken us more than TEN YEARS to learn everything we know when it comes to building muscle and burning fat, and trust us we did everything wrong before we did anything right.

We understand how frustrating it can be trying to build muscle and burn fat on the road to getting ripped. Training day after day, meal after meal, constantly stepping on the scale and checking the mirror with minimal progress if any.

We have made it our mission to understand the science of real life body transformations. Unlike many “fitness experts”, we won’t sell you guys’ bullshit and we would never send you a program we didn’t 100% believe in and use ourselves.

Our goal with 10 Weeks 2 Ripped is to help you FINALLY reach success building muscle and burning fat by giving you access to our exact training and nutrition practices in one easy to follow format.

The best part is that we teach you this information in a simple to understand style so you won't get confused in the gym or the kitchen. No more wasting your time searching around the web for countless hours with no real direction.

“Real guys just like you who we have worked with, who got real results”

This program did for me what I was never able to do on my own, shred fat and gain muscle tone and strength. The workouts were challenging but following the program was easy. Jeremy and Dave took all the guesswork out of it by providing a detailed plan that was simple to follow. I was able to track my progress each week, which helped to keep me motivated to work hard. I could not be happier with the results!

Jeremy Hayden

This program was a big help because it brakes down the nutrition part and makes it simple. The work out was great because it gives you a good full body workout as well as the cardio to help burn the fat off. Jeremy and Dave made it so simple to do but where also there for any questions that came up. I am more the happy with the results and would recommend this program to anyone.

Paul Borgesen

The “10 weeks to ripped” program is perfect for someone on a tight schedule. I really liked the intensity it brought, yet had a science to it! I found that the workout program hit all of the major muscle groups, allowing less time in the gym while receiving the benefit of a complete workout. The cardio HITT program can easily be done at home in less than 30 minutes and yes; it will kick your ass! I would have considered myself skinny with fat to lose and muscle to gain and within 10 weeks I was able to accomplish shredding fat while gaining muscle (and now I have abs too). If you follow the program, as it is laid out for you, track your results and keep your nutrition in check, the results of your goals are proof in the mirror!

Mark Mead

Through this program, Jeremy and Dave taught me the importance of good nutrition and how it can transform your body. I always thought I ate pretty healthy, but it wasn’t until I kept track of my macros that I learned I wasn’t as healthy as I thought. Jeremy and Dave made following this program a breeze. With a lot of hard work and a little willpower, I was able to drop my body fat percentage to single digits in just 10 weeks. I loved working with Jeremy and Dave and would definitely recommend anyone wanting to better himself or herself to start training with them today!

Steven Diebert

For me, the program did a couple things. It got me stronger and more shredded for sure. But also fit into my daily schedule, which provides for flexibility and that is important. Also it highlighted to me some physical limitations I need to work through or re-work in my daily training and activity. The communication was a great feature as well. Both Dave and Jeremy were active members of the community in motivating and answering questions. Hearing stories from the rest of the community was good motivation or information as well. Def recommend the program to those who are ready to take their training seriously.

Matt Juaire

If you are tired of wasting precious time in the gym and effort inside the kitchen the time to start is now.

You will NEVER have more time in your life than you do right now to get healthy, let me say that again you will NEVER have more time in your life than you do right now to get healthy…so why wait another minute to start?

If you are truly serious about dedicating yourself to a proven training & nutrition program be part of top 1% who taken action right away and get started today!

The 10 Weeks 2 Ripped Program

Here's exactly what you guys get:

The 10 Week Training Manual

In this step-by-step introduction we breakdown the exact game plan you will be following over the next 10 weeks.

We explain not only what you will be doing but also more importantly WHY you will be doing it. In this guide you will quickly become educated on the proper movements, rep ranges, sets and rest times to finally avoid training the WRONG WAY.

Training Templates

10 Weeks of 100% done for you easy to follow training templates that allow you guys to easily track your results week after week.

We have laid everything out for you here, simply print and track your daily progress on the road to making gains and getting ripped.

The Nutrition-Macro Guide

Probably the most crucial part of the program if you really want to reach ripped status “the macro guide”.


We have created a macro guide that is as simple as it gets to follow; we walk you through step by step to understand how much food you need each day to reach your goals.

With the power of simple science we ensure you stop wasting time and starting seeing results almost immediately.

Our macro guide is based eating whole REAL FOODS that we strongly believe are the TRUE center of any healthy ripped physique.

This guide allows you to still eat foods you love and maintain an active social life, you will NEVER be a slave to a restricted “diet” plan during this 10-week journey.

Grocery Store Guide

We are even throwing in a grocery store list & shopping guide to ensure you know what macros are optimal for muscle gain and fat loss.

We ensure you have absolutely ZERO excuses when it comes to eating on this program.
Simply print out your macro guide head to the store ready to fill your cart with foods that will do nothing but elicit you fat burning muscle-building results.

The 10 Week HIIT Guide

Your Ultimate Fat Burning tool!
No more wasted time for hours & hours doing cardio, we have got you covered with this fast, metabolic fat burning HIIT guide that can be done anywhere anytime in just a few short minutes a day.

In our experience HIIT is the #1 tool when it comes to melting horrible, stubborn body fat.

We have created this amazing HIIT guide for the fastest, most efficient way to get your “cardio” done with sessions lasting between 10-20 minutes.

That’s right just 10-20 minutes each session will have you burning fat like never before while preserving and creating new lean muscle.

Imagine ultimate ripped sprinters body –that’s is exactly what this HIIT guide is designed to do.
We packed this guide full of over 20 follow along workouts that are laid out in an easy to follow format and fully integrated into your strength training program.

This is the finishing touch in your quest to ultimate conditioning and getting that ripped to shreds look you have always wanted.

Supplement Guide

Exactly what supplements work & why you should or shouldn’t be taking them.

With so many supplements out there the options are literally endless when it comes to what you can take.

But what do you really need and what is just hype?

We answer all those questions and more inside our easy to follow supplement guide.

We breakdown the basic must have’s in your pre-post workout stack as well as how to start your day and end your evening with the proper supplementation.

No more wasting time & hard earned money on things you don’t need to be taking on your journey to getting ripped.

Act TODAY! And Get These Bonuses!!

BONUS #1 - Strength Training Video Library

Exactly what supplements work & why you should or shouldn’t be taking them.

With so many supplements out there the options are literally endless when it comes to what you can take.

But what do you really need and what is just hype?

We answer all those questions and more inside our easy to follow supplement guide.

We breakdown the basic must have’s in your pre-post workout stack as well as how to start your day and end your evening with the proper supplementation.

No more wasting time & hard earned money on things you don’t need to be taking on your journey to getting ripped.

BONUS #2 - 10 Weeks of Coaching Tips, Advice & Education

  • Nutrition Advice
  • Training Tips
  • Additional Supplement Education
  • Motivational messages and check-ins to ensure you keep progressing!

Throughout the course of your 10 week program from Day 1 - we will be staying in contact with you guys via email sending you educational content about how to get the most out of this program.

Lets answers your questions & ensure that this program is 100% exactly what you have been looking for.

  • q-iconIs this program just for guys looking to get ripped and lose fat, or can it be used for guys looking to gain muscle?

    One of the best parts of this program is the added lean muscle mass in addition to fat loss. The nutrition guide allows you to make choices based on your goals and literally make it custom to you. There is an entire section the breaks down your macros so you can simply plug in your stats and be on your road to getting ripped.

  • q-iconDo I need to buy tons of supplements?

    No, you don’t plain and simple. We will educate you guys on exactly on various supplements but the choice on what you do or don’t need it based on your own diet, goals, and training schedule.

  • q-iconIs this program hard to follow and understand?

    No, this is literally a 100% done for you follow along plug and play program. You simply download and follow step by step each week with us. We went to great lengths to ensure anyone can instantly download this program and start immediately.

  • q-iconHow soon can I start seeing results?

    This is not some quick-fix scam program, so thinking after 3 days or training you will be looking like “Arnold” just isn’t going to happen. However, typically hundreds of people feel major strength gains in just 4 weeks, and see a huge physical change in their appearance after only 6 short weeks.

  • q-iconCan I still eat “cheat” meals and enjoy some drinks?

    Yes, you can still enjoy some “cheats” and drinks with your friends on this program. The occasional pizza, ice cream, or beer won’t derail all your progress. Just simply follow the macro guide breakdown for you and your goals and keep things in moderation for optimal fat loss and muscle gains.

You're Never At Risk

60 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

This program works. We have invested years into our own training & nutrition and worked with thousands of people just like you who have seen amazing results.

With that being said this digital program comes with a full 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're disappointed for whatever reason, you'll get every cent back and it's free for you.

That’s how much we believe in this program, if you actually follow thorough and put in the work you will see nothing but massive results.

The true purpose and why we created 10 weeks 2 ripped was to help people like you build not only an amazing body, but to build better overall eating habits, successful mindset, and an overall healthy lifestyle.


  • This program is designed to help you gain lean muscle without putting on a bunch of extra fat in your journey to being ripped in less than 10 weeks.
  • It’s 100% done for you and easy to follow instantly.
  • If you don’t enjoy it after 60 days its FREE

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Disclaimer: The above photos of clients who followed the program perfectly and put in hard work and healthy eating over the course of the 10 weeks. If you want those types of results you need to be willing to following the program step by step. Simply buying the program and giving a poor effort won’t elicit these same results. So, if you are ready to finally stop wasting time and train with some passion – lets get ripped together times wasting!

The materials and content contained in this program are for general health information only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.